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Delta Queen May Soon Sail Again

Posted on: 06/30/2016
By  Andy Rex
(Washington, DC) -- A boat that has made many stops in Marietta over the years may soon be cleared to travel with passengers once again.

A bill sponsored by both of Ohio's US Senators -- Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman -- has cleared a key committee and appears headed to the full Senate for consideration.

The Delta Queen had been operating under an exemption to the 1966 Safety at Sea law, which prohibited wooden ships of a certain size from carrying overnight passengers. The bill would allow that to happen once again, provided that safety improvements are made and annual structural alterations are made to the parts of the boat that are not resistant to fire.

Senator Portman says the Delta Queen is a true Ohio treasure and an important part of history. He says the bill will help get her back on the waters, promoting recreational activities and economic activity on the Ohio River.

Senator Brown adds that once restored, the Delta Queen will offer travelers a unique experience, while supporting local economies of Ohio's great river towns.

The Delta Queen was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1989. She ceased operations when the exemption to the Safety at Sea law expired in 2008.

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