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EMA Tranfer Agreement Officially Reached
Posted on: 07/31/2014
By  Justin Bradley
(MARIETA, OH) - After two months of planning, discussions, concerns, and careful consideration, a decision has been reached on who will oversee the Washington County Emergency Management Agency.

The Washington County Commissioners have passed a resolution that will transfer control of the EMA to a panel.  The resolution takes effect August 1, 2014.

That panel will consist of one commissioner, the Washington County Sheriff or sheriff’s department delegate, and the Fire Chief Association president or fire delegate.

Commissioner Tim White says this option will help the commissioners manage the agency better.

“This brings two additional entities on board that have emergency experience to provide oversight of the EMA and to advise (the commissioners) on improvements we can make,” he notes.

Sheriff Larry Mincks initially approached the commissioners with the idea of a transfer in May and presented his proposal in June.   Firefighters submitted a proposal of their own, and the commissioners studied both carefully before deciding to form a panel.

The commissioners will still be the appointing authority for the EMA director role.

Commissioner Ron Feathers says this decision will not affect existing incident command structure.

“This is strictly for what would be considered what would be a countywide emergency situation,” he adds.

The provisions of the resolution will become void on July 31, 2015 unless the commissioners at that time elect to renew them.

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