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Weekend Fire Causes Concern
Posted on: 07/14/2014
By  Mike Cullums

A fire and a series of explosions caused concern among spectators at Marietta's Riverfront Roar, and a large plume of smoke caused concern for thousands more, as a large fire broke out late Sunday morning at a recycling facility within the Marietta Industrial Enterprises complex on State Route 7.

Officials quickly assured the public that the burning materials were not considered highly toxic, nor was the smoke plume, which could be seen from at least seven miles away.

The site of the blaze is described as a Greenleaf Recycling facility. A search of the Washington County Auditor's online tax map shows the property is owned by M-I-E. Two larger buildings and a small office were destroyed.

One volunteer firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion, but no serious injuries have been reported. At least six fire departments responded to the fire, as did sheriff's deputies, state troopers and ODOT workers.

The county emergency operations center was in operation to help coordinate response, including the dispatching of the "county air truck", to re-supply firefighters' individual air supplies. 

By mid-evening...about 9 hours after the fire began...the Sheriff's Office issued a statement that the incident was contained. Considerable smoke and steam remained in the area for much of the night. Firefighters and law enforcement stayed on the scene into the morning hours today.

All four lanes of State Route 7 were blocked between State Route 550 and Blue Knob Road between about noon and midnight.

Firefighters had to pull back briefly in late afternoon as a strong thunderstorm passed through, bringing the threat of lightning.

The State Fire Marshal's Office was on the scene yesterday, investigating the fire and explosions, and the U-S Occupational Safety and Health Administration is likely to investigate, as well.

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