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Commissioners Approve Flooring Funds for Magistrate Court
Posted on: 06/26/2014
By  Justin Bradley

(MARIETTA, OH) - An update for the Washington County Magistrate Courtroom is on its way.

The flooring of the Magistrate Courtroom and office will be replaced with custom wood pieces. Court staff say it will give the courtroom a more professional atmosphere and fresher appearance.

The original budget for the wood pieces was $5,000, but the court requested—and was approved for—a $6,625 spending quantity for the purchase of the wood pieces.

Although the total estimated expenses for all scheduled upgrades to the magistrate court are well within the nearly $29,000 budget, the over-budget expenses on the wood pieces have Commissioner David White less than enthused.

“It isn’t the budget we desire, but we are forced to accept whatever the court tells us,” he says, “I think it is an extravagant expense that doesn’t need to be spent.”

Commissioners Ron Feathers and Tim Irvine briefly stated that they agreed with Commissioner White’s sentiments.

The Magistrate Court staff says they’ve already spent $9,205 in improvements.  The approved wood piece funds puts the total up to $15,830. That’s nearly $12,000 under the allotted budget for the upgrades.

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