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IT Audit To Save County $61K
Posted on: 06/26/2014
By  Justin Bradley

A contract with a technologies firm leads to a hefty chunk of savings in phone service bills for Washington County.

The county will now save $61,000 a year in phone services after SpyGlass, an Internet, phone, and data specialist group, identified unused phone lines and other unnecessary taxes the county had been paying in a recent audit.

IT Auditor Gary Lockhart says his department worked with SpyGlass to disconnect lines in order to figure out which were unnecessary, and which were active.

Commissioner Ron Feathers says SpyGlass found unused lines that even the phone carrier didn’t know existed.

“Without their outside expertise in detecting this, we’d have had no way of knowing (how much we could save),” he adds.

The audit took SpyGlass three-and-a-half months to complete, and the fee will be one year’s worth of the savings they found.  In other words, the county will be saving $61,000 annually, but will only have to pay SpyGlass that sum once.

Feathers says the county can expect to save more than what SpyGlass has already found, as they’re slated to do a follow-up audit on the commissioners’ request.

“There will be some retroactive savings, and we’ve already enjoyed $1400 that they’ve been able to find and stock.”

Those retro funds would give back tax money the county had been paying unnecessarily, and the commissioners say they will add an even bigger tax payoff for the people of Washington County.

The next audit has yet to be approved, but the commissioners estimate it will begin in, at least, the next month.

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