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Duckworth Eager To Start Tiger Basketball Camps
Posted on: 05/05/2014
By  Justin Bradley

(MARIETTA, OH) - As the NBA Playoffs wind down the professional season over the next couple of months, things will be picking up on the courts of Marietta High School.

Tiger Head Basketball Coach Mark Duckworth has announced the dates for this year’s basketball camps.  The first camp runs from May 18-21 from 6 PM to 8:30 PM, and will include boys entering grades 3-6.  The second camp runs from June 1-4—also from 6 PM to 8:30 PM, and is open to boys entering grades 7-9.

He says the new scheduling format will be less stressful for families with active basketball players in the home.

“We felt like, if we could do the camps in May and early June, it will give kids a better opportunity to attend and hopefully be more productive,” Duckworth says.

He stresses the importance of the camps, because he and his staff will use them to instill basketball concepts that will last much longer than the length of the camps.

“The main purpose of camp is to give kids things that they can work on at the playground, with their parents, with their buddies so that they can practice throughout the summer and fall,” Duckworth says

Much like new Tiger head football coach Jason Schob, Coach Duckworth is all about changing the culture of the program and developing young players at an early age so that they’ll be able to handle the challenges of higher-level basketball as they climb through the grade ranks.

“We feel like it’s important for kids to have a basketball in their hands on a year-round basis,” he says.

Parents who wish to sign a child up for basketball camp may pick up a form at the middle school office or any of the elementary schools, or can contact Duckworth at 376-9839 or 525-2376.

Duckworth will run the camp and will be assisted by his staff and a group of former Tiger basketball players.

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