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WP Snyder To Return Next Week
Posted on: 04/30/2014
By  Justin Bradley

(MARIETTA, OH) - Often, when businesses remodel, they’re attempting to freshen their images up or simply bring something back to life in a better way.

That’s the case for the WP Snyder, Jr. sternwheeler, which will make its way back to its home along the Muskingum River next Thursday.

The towboat has spent significant time away from its usual spot along the banks of the Muskingum as it has undergone extensive renovations in Pittsburgh, but it will soon return and reopen to guests of the Ohio River Museum.

Museum director Le Ann Hendershot says May 8 is a great time for the Snyder to return as the museum prepares to enter its summer swing, and especially because of the major role the boat plays for the museum.

 “We’re excited for its return.  It will have a whole, new look compared to what it has been in the past few years.  We’re really excited to have it back in really good shape,” she says.

According to Hendershot, the inside of the boat is not fully complete, but visitors will be able to see a visual improvement of the boat’s exterior compared to years past.

“We’re just excited to have it back so people will be able to tour it,” she says.

There’s no definite timetable for completion of the inside work, but Hendershot expects it to be ready by early summer. 

The Snyder remains the only intact, steam-driven sternwheel towboat still on the nation's river system, and had its hull replaced in South Point, Ohio in November of 2009 before returning to its mooring spot in September 2010. 

Washington County Commissioners say no tax money has been spent in the Snyder’s current renovation.

For more touring or general information about the towboat, call the museum at 373-3750, or visit www.campusmartiusmuseum.org and click on the “Exhibits” link at the top of the page.

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