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SEO Legal Services Still Helping Local Residents, But From Office Fifty Miles Away
Posted on: 04/24/2014
By  Mike Cullums
As WMOA News reported several months ago, the Marietta office of Southeastern Ohio Legal Services was closed, with its staff and duties moved to the Athens office.
The Marietta office, in a large house on Second Street - not far from the Courthouse and City Hall - had for many years offered legal assistance to lower-income residents of Washington, Morgan and Noble counties.
Several other locations around the region had to consolidate, as well, due to continuing state budget cuts.
We spoke yesterday with Robin Bozian, long-term managing attorney at the Marietta office…
“At the Athens office we have a lot of dedicated folks working hard to provide services to Washington as well as Morgan and Noble counties. We still receive lots of requests for services, and we do the best we can with the resources we have.
“In terms of service it’s been relatively seemless, although it’s rough not to have a local office where people can kind of bounce in when they need to, or for the courts to say “just go down to Second Street, so it’s a little less convenient.
“But we’ve always done a lot of work by telephone, fax, and e-mail, so we’re just doing a lot more of that. We’ve also started a program where you can apply for services by online to our website.”
The web address is www.seols.org .
Bozian says that if you call the published Marietta phone number it will transfer to Athens, but that’s going away soon. The toll-free number for Southeastern Ohio Legal Services is 800-686-3669.
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