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Gasoline Prices Creeping Upward Locally, Regionally, Nationally Says Auto Club
Posted on: 02/25/2014
By  Mike Cullums
Gasoline prices have been creeping higher recently and, according to AAA, the upward trend is as much national as it is regional.
The auto club says the average price for self-serve regular gas in the past week rose 11 cents nationally and 6 cents in southeast Ohio.
On the other hand, the national average of $3.43 per gallon is 12 cents less than the regional average of $3.55. Prices are up 14 cents in the past month but down 35 cents from this time last year.
The auto club surveys prices in eleven area cities, and there’s not much difference across the region this week. The lowest average price was in East Liverpool, and the highest was in Logan, but they were only 10 cents apart.
According to prices in Marietta this (Tue.) afternoon were in the $3.50-3-60 range, with Belpre running a few cents less.
AAA says prices generally start to increase in February as refineries begin the switchover to more expensive summer-blend gasolines, but the cold weather and limited demand across the country have slowed the usual rate of increase. AAA says to expect significant hikes in March, and crude oil prices could be further  elevated by geopolitical tensions in Venezuela.
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