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County Library Offers Computer Courses
Posted on: 02/17/2014
By  Mike Cullums
It’s estimated that 85 to 90 percent of Americans have at least some experience with computers. While some folks simply prefer to stay away from modern technology, others may feel intimidated or doubtful about their ability to “learn new tricks”, so to speak.
The Washington County Public Library offers free computer classes on a continuing basis, and many of them are designed to encourage new users.
WMOA News spoke with the Library’s information technology coordinator, Dan Strecker, who’s the instructor for these free computer classes…
“I do basic series on how computers work, how to navigate through your computer files, how to use a mouse. I have a series on how the Internet works, how to find information. And I have some very popular classes on productivity where we look at word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and photo editing.
“All these classes are aimed primarily at people who have little or no computer knowledge. I try to keep the level of information such that there’s not a lot of technical jargon involved. And the whole idea is get people comfortable with their computers so they can just sit down and use them and not be intimidated by them.”
Strecker has two classes scheduled at Marietta in the eight days.
This Thursday at 1 PM a class titled “Searching the Internet” teaches how to best use search tools to find the incredible wealth of information available online.
Next Tuesday, February 25, at 10 AM, Dan will lead a class on the important topic of “Computer Security.”
For details, call the main library in Marietta at (740) 373-1057 or stop by the information desk.  A complete and frequently updated schedule of courses is available at the Library website: wcplib.info. All computer classes at all library locations are free of charge. 
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