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Downtown Shop Becomes Center for Water Collections for Charleston Residents
Posted on: 02/14/2014
By  Mike Cullums
Twisted Sisters Boutique at 197 Front Street in downtown Marietta continues to collect gallons of potable water for distribution to our neighbors in the Charleston area who, more than a month after a chemical spill upstream from a major water treatment plant, are still dealing with uncertainty and some alarming recent developments regarding the safety of public water.  

WMOA News stopped by Twisted Sisters yesterday and spoke with co-owner Becky Pritchett.  

WMOA: How did you get involved in collecting water for folks in Charleston?  
Becky: Well, we have several close friends who live in the affected areas, and I was watching their posts on Facebook in disbelief that they weren’t getting much relief. I woke up one morning, turned my faucet on, realized how lucky I was, and decided I needed to help.  
WMOA: And this drive is ongoing?
Becky: Oh yes. As long as people are willing to bring water we’ll find ways to get it there. Right now we have Iddings Trucking Company who have volunteered to take several pickup trucks or whatever we need. Washington State has collected 500 gallons they’re bringing here (today). ThermoFisher is bringing in some water. We’ve collected over 350 gallons here plus the additional I mentioned that’s coming in.  
WMOA: You’ve been involved in this a while, so from that perspective what can others do?  
Becky: Keep bringing in water or just take some to the affected area yourself. Reach out to people and help.
Students from Washington State Community College ended up collecting 600 gallons of clean water and they helped load today’s delivery into those trucks supplied by Iddings. The load of water left Marietta for the Charleston area at midday.  
As awareness and donations increase, “the twisted sisters” are becoming a little concerned about the weight of all that water on the floor of the historic old building. If a downtown property owner has some empty space that could serve as a temporary collection point or storage site, call Becky Pritchett at (740) 374-7330.  
Becky adds that they could use some strong cardboard boxes in which to place loose gallons of water for the next delivery, and the next, as long as it takes.
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