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City Has Enough Road Salt, More Than Enough Potholes, Mayor Matthews Says
Posted on: 02/11/2014
By  Mike Cullums
As southeast Ohio (and much of the country) deals with one of the harshest winters in 20 years, WMOA News checked in with Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews to see how the city’s holding up…
“We’re doing pretty well. We have enough salt if we have any snow emergencies right away, but we have some more salt coming in any day now, so we’ll be alright there.
“Around town there’s a lot of potholes…and we won’t be able to do much with them until the weather gets warm enough that we can get out and put some cold patch in 'em. Then we’ll have a lot to do this summer with permanent repairs.
“I wanna say the street crews, the water and sewer departments who are working with the street crews, and also the utilities department, they’re doing a fantastic job on the streets. I’ve been to some meetings in different places and our streets have been as clean as any I’ve seen.
"So I’m very thankful for the guys; I really appreciate all their efforts, getting up in the middle of the night and getting to work.”
You can call in pothole reports to City Hall at 373-1387 during business hours, or you can report them online anytime at the city website: mariettaoh.net.
Go to online services and scroll down to pothole hotline to submit your report.
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