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Testing for Radon Worth the Time; Found in Homes in All 88 Ohio Counties
Posted on: 01/28/2014
By  Mike Cullums
Radon can be found in many homes and buildings, but it remains a mystery to most of us. Itís responsible for thousands of deaths nationwide each year, but experts say many Ohioans remain unaware of the danger.
Chuck McCracken with Ohioís Indoor Radon Program says itís a cancer-causing radioactive gas in the ground that you canít see, taste or smell, and it can seep up through cracks and crevices below a home.
"Because itís naturally occurring, it kind of falls below peopleís general radar of a hazard, because itís like the sun; what are you going to do about it? But itís does build up to dangers levels in peopleís homes, therefore it should be reduced," he says.
McCracken says radon is easy to reduce through a simple mitigation system that can be installed by a professional. Ohioans can test for radon in their home by hiring a radon professional or by purchasing a do-it-yourself kit.   
A homeís age, construction or location does not matter much when it comes to the presence of radon. McCracken says itís found in all 88 Ohio counties.  
"Itís more prevalent through the center of the state, running southwest to northeast. Thereís a band of higher-producing soil in that area," he explains.
In the past several years, McCracken says federal and state leaders have implemented strategies and programs to increase radon awareness. He says in Ohio, theyíve been targeting outreach to realtors, so they can to encourage buyers and sellers of homes to test for radon.
"Weíve tapped into that awareness that the realtors need to have because theyíre the front-line people in Ohio. "
Learn more about the presence of radon gas on a state-and-county basis and purchase a home test kit at    
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