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Rep. Thompson Says Progress Being Made to Improve Children's Health, Welfare
Posted on: 01/24/2014
By  Mike Cullums
State Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) announced the passage of two bills in the Ohio House this week, both of which relate to the welfare of children.

Thompson says lawmakers passed House Bill 315, which is intended to better monitor the babies who are born dependent on addictive drugs. It's one of several House bills aimed at curbing opiate addiction in Ohio. It requires maternity units, newborn care nurseries and maternity homes to report the number of newborns diagnosed with neonatal drug addiction to the Ohio Department of Health.

Under the legislation, the reporting form will be developed by the Department of Health and must not include any information that could identify patients. HB 315 will now move to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.
Thompson says the House also passed legislation this week to revise state law pertaining to child custody, guardians, and foster caregivers, to ensure that minors who are involved with Children Services are treated like every other child in Ohio.   
Specifically, House Bill 213 permits foster children to participate in normal childhood activities, such as spending the night with a friend, by clarifying that state agencies are not liable for those events
The legislation arose from a study conducted by the Foster Care Advisory Board. HB 213 passed with unanimous support and moves to the Ohio Senate for consideration.

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