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Commissioner Tim Irvine Says He Will Leave Government, Return to Private Sector
Posted on: 01/09/2014
By  Jamey Styer, Mike Cullums
Washington County Commissioner Tim Irvine tells WMOA News that he has decided not to run for a second term…
“Well, I’m finishing the third year of a four year term, and I do enjoy most parts of being a commissioner. Like any such position, there’s some stuff that’s not so enjoyable. Coming from a small business, I enjoy business more, so I’ll go back to working full-time at our business in Little Hocking.”
He and his family own Irvine’s Camper Sales at 17 State Route 555.
Tim Irvine says he’s grateful for all the support he’s received in what is, at times, a difficult job…
“I certainly want to thank my wife, Jane, my other family members and close friends. They’ve all been very supportive and encouraging, when – sometimes you run into stressful situations. Also, there have been former office holders, current office holders – not just commissioners but other county officials and the county staff - they have been very helpful, too.”
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