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Oldest Law Digest Outside Original 13 States Found in County Courthouse
Posted on: 01/09/2014
By  Jamey Styer
As the project proceeds to digitize legal and historical documents in the Washington County Courthouse law library, a historically significant find has been uncovered.
It’s the oldest Legal Digest outside the thirteen original states. It involves court planning and related issued in the Northwest Territory.
WMOA News spoke with Common Pleas Judge Ed Lane about the book and its contents.
“They talk about how three judges are not enough for Hamilton County. There are reports about the cases they’re hearing, which is really interesting,” Lane says, adding with a chuckle, “What I find most interesting is that even then they were complaining that there were not enough judges.”
Judge Lane says the digest describes a variety of issues relating to the founding of Ohio.
“They refer to Indian territories within the (Northwest) Territory; they refer to judges in those areas; they refer to judges in early villages; to district judges and others – so it appears to me to be a hodgepodge." 

You can find photos of the Digest at WMOA1490.COM and on our Facebook page.
Jamey Styer did the field reporting on this story; Mike Cullums wrote it.
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