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Dog Warden Explains Little Known Adverse Effect of Walking Dogs in Snow
Posted on: 01/06/2014
By  Mike Cullums
The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley and other animal shelters routinely remind pet owners about precautions to be taken during severe winter weather. Today we learned of a little known potential health issue for dogs during such weather.
When WMOA News checked in with Washington County Dog Warden and Deputy Sheriff Kelly McGilton, she provided some advice that none of us at the radio station had heard before...
“People like to walk their dogs, even in the snow, but they need to be aware of the salt on sidewalks that most people use – they are not pet-friendly. They can actually cause burns on the pads of your dog’s feet, and for your smaller dogs with shorter legs, that salt can even be picked up on their bellies on cause burns. So we recommend that, if you walk your dogs outside on treated sidewalks and so on, that when you get them inside get a damp cloth and wipe their paws and under their bellies.”
Deputy McGilton offers some other tips on ways to help our four-legged friends get through this Arctic outbreak…
“Outside dogs are always the big concern because a lot of them are always tied up, so they can’t go so freely to someplace that’s better for them. Make sure that their dog houses are airtight on three sides; that they have a roof and a bottom; if it has a large opening consider putting a flap over it; make sure they have straw and – water is a huge concern. Try to make sure that have fresh water that’s not frozen.”
If you aware of an animal overly exposed to the extreme cold (or otherwise not being cared for) please contact the Humane Society at 740-373-5959 or the Sheriff’s Office at 740-376-7070.    
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