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Globally Known Drilling Expert to Speak on 2010 BP Oil Spill at Marietta College
Posted on: 11/15/2013
By  Mike Cullums
Marietta College will host a presentation on Thursday in which worldwide oil and gas drilling expert John Turley - who has more than thirty years of drilling experience - will speak about the BP Gulf oil spill of 2010.  
Turley taught in the College’s respected Petroleum Engineering program in the early 1970s. He will make his presentation “An Engineered Look at the Cause of the Macondo Blowout” at 7:00 pm Thursday in McDonough Auditorium.  
He says that only by understanding the cause of the disaster can we know why it should not have happened, and why it should never happen again.
John Turley’s experience includes positions with several of the world’s largest oil companies and ocean services.  
Following the 2010 environmental disaster, Turley studied well data and investigative reports and assessed the cause from engineering and management perspectives.  He will share those insights with the public on Thursday.
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