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City Firefighters Put on Pink to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention
Posted on: 10/14/2013
By  Jamey Styer
Marietta firefighters are making a fashion statement of sorts this month, decked out in pink shirts as they take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  
Captain Jack Hansis explains…
“The firefighters are trying to honor and make the public aware of what survivors of breast cancer go through and, most importantly, put a preventative spin on breast cancer. Catch it in the early stages and much of the problems can be prevented or minimized.”  
In addition to his experience in the fire department's emergency medical service, Hansis has a personal reason to encourage breast cancer awareness…  
“Our family has been touched by cancer. Both my sisters have had cancer; one with ductile breast cancer and the other’s had a double mascetomy.”  
Firefighter Dave Lenington is a city firefighter and EMT who’s currently in treatment for cancer, even as he serves the community. He says he cannot overstate the importance of regular check-ups and self-examinations…
“The most important thing is getting checked early. People wait around and think ‘I’ll do it next month or next year’ and those little tumors just become bigger and more dangerous."
Jack Hansis draws an analogy between the fire service and cancer…  
“Just like in firefighting we prefer to fire prevention to a good fire fight. That’s why we conduct inspections, and we encourage people to do that. Why have a fight with cancer when you can catch it in its early stages?”  
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