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Section of State Route 676 Dedicated to the Memory, Service of SPC Allen Nolan
Posted on: 10/11/2013
By  Andy Rex
This morning at 10:00, a one-mile stretch of State Route 676 (Lancaster Street) in Marietta and Warren Township will be dedicated to the memory of U. S. Army Specialist Allen Nolan of Marietta, who was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004.
Nolan was an Army reservist based in Zanesville prior to his deployment. He was on a convoy in Iraq when they hit an improvised explosive device (IED), and he was severely burned. He later passed away at a military hospital.
WMOA News spoke with Washington County Veterans’ Services officer Chad Wright, who explains that getting an official state designation took a while…
“I submitted a request to (State) Representative Andy Thompson’s office to have a portion of 676 named in (Nolan’s) honor and finally, after just a little over a year, it passed through the House and Senate and all that stuff, so we’ve put up signs at mile markers 22 and 23.”  
The westbound sign at mile marker 23 is east of Groves Avenue in the 1100 block of Lancaster Street, near AEP’s Harmar Hill substation. That’s where the ceremony takes place.
The eastbound sign at mile marker 22 is near the intersection of Lancaster Street and Kern Drive.
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