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Steelworkers Ask for Help from Governor in Ormet Shtudown
Posted on: 10/09/2013
By  Mike Cullums
The United Steelworkers union yesterday called on Governor John Kasich to urge the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to continue discussions with American Electric Power (AEP) and Ormet, and negotiate a resolution that will enable the smelter plant in Monroe County to resume operations.
Steelworkers’ district director Dave McCall pointed out that the union and secured creditors have worked with management to reduce the company’s financial liabilities by almost $300 million, and he disputed the idea that saving more than 700 jobs at Ormet would increase costs for AEP’s other ratepayers, as has been reported.

McCall says Ormet’s main request is not for subsidies but rather to be free to purchase electricity from the grid at market price. Since Governor Kasich is a proponent of a market-based approach, McCall says he should help change what he calls "AEP’s intransigent and short-sighted behavior, which has made sustainable operations at Ormet impossible.” 
Massive layoffs are expected to begin this week.

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