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State of Ohio Searching the Muskingum River for Signs of an Asian Carp Invasion
Posted on: 10/08/2013
By  Mike Cullums
State wildlife officials and researchers are testing the waters of the entire Muskingum River, from Coshocton to Marietta, for signs of the invasive Asian carp.
So far, there are no signs of the fish in the Muskingum, but they have been found in the Ohio River in the Portsmouth area, near the mouth of the Scioto River.  

The researchers tell ONN it will take months to figure out whether Asian carp might be in the Muskingum. The officials say the tests will help them plan how to cut off paths that the carp could use to get into Lake Erie.

There's deep concern that the Asian carp could wreck the lake's sport fishing industry, as well as seriously disrupting the ecosystems of Ohio’s lakes and rivers.
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