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Independent Film About Civil War in Ohio
Posted on: 10/03/2013
By  Andy Rex
The independent film “The Light of Freedom”  was produced by a Columbus-area group, and  a showing could be coming to Marietta later this month, depending on local interest.  More on that in a moment.
The movie is set during the Civil War in Ohio. WMOA News spoke with local resident Kyle Yoho, who portrays a friend of the main character in the movie.
Yoho says, “It mostly looks at the Underground Railroad of it.  By doing that, it takes the civilian side and looks at the civilians’ involvement and Major Lee William Hanby’s involvement in the Underground Railroad.  And, it follows a soldier’s experience, Clay Dalton, who is a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  It follows his experience through the war.”
Yoho explains how his character came to befriend Clay Dalton.
“He had been in the service since the beginning of the war for the most part, and I am one of the friends he developed in that early stage.  When his younger brother comes into the service, which you’ll see in the movie, he introduces him to us.  And we are that core support group for his brother, who is pretty new to the war.”
The movie is produced by Kicks Flicks, a Christian film organization based in Delaware County.  Yoho says it was a pleasure to work with them…
“They were really easy to work with.  All the filming was done within Ohio.  So, it made it easy for most of the people you see in the movie.  They’re all Ohio natives.  An interesting aspect of it is how it’s all based in Ohio through that one group.”
While it portrays serious issues of slavery and war, the film was created for family viewing and handles those issues with children in mind.
The film is scheduled to be shown at Marietta’s Odyssey 7 Theater on the evening of Wednesday, October 23.  However, a minimum of 40 tickets must be sold by Thursday, October 8, for the film to be shown here. 
Tickets are $10 each and may only be purchased online at www.thelightoffreedommovie.com
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