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Speed Limit Going Up on State Route 7 Between Marietta and Belpre
Posted on: 09/30/2013
By  Andy Rex
Earlier this year, speed limits on Ohio’s rural interstate highways went from 65 to 70 miles per hour.  This week, speed limits on many non-interstate roads are going up.
The changes affect more than 600 miles of roads across the state, including the highly traveled 13-mile section of State Route 7 between Marietta and Belpre, where the speed limit is going from 55 to 60 mph.
Elsewhere in southeast Ohio, several sections of US 33 will see speed hikes: Pomeroy to Darwin from 55 to 60; from the new Nelsonville Bypass (which opens tomorrow) to north of Logan 65 to 70; and the Lancaster Bypass from 65 to 70.
ODOT spokesperson Melissa Ayers explains what types of highways were eligible higher speed limits, and how much they’re going up...

"You'll see an increase of usually about five miles an hour, from either 55 to 60; 60 to 65; or 65 to 70. Those are on rural, divided highways -- highways that look like an interstate or have some kind of median in between them. So, it won't be your two-lanes. It will be divided highways."

Ayers explains what factors the department looked at in approving speed limit increases on Route 7 and other roads...
"We looked at where were stretches of road that fell into the definition of the law that people could safely drive at increased speeds.  Safety is really our number one priority, so we want to make sure that the road is one that you should be able to drive 70 or 65 or 60 on."

The changes officially went into effect yesterday, but ODOT crews will be changing signs the next few days. Ayers says until the signs are updated, you should drive the posted speed limit.  
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