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Changes in Ohio Hunting Regs Reviewed
Posted on: 09/27/2013
By  Andy Rex
With the arrival of fall comes hunting season. Deer archery season in Ohio begins on Monday. Hunters need to be aware of several new or changed regulations. ODNR spokesperson Lindsay Rist explains...
"We've gone away from a zone bag limit to now, looking at a county bag limit.  Depending on where you live, the county next to you might not be clumped into the same bag limit.  In southeast Ohio, we're still going to have three deer counties and four deer counties.

"One of the other big changes is extending the hunting hours throughout the gun season to a half hour after sunset.  So, we'll be consistent across the board.  Archery season was already that way.

"The other major change will be the early muzzleloader season, which is going to be a two-day, antlerless only season on October 12 and 13."

Washington, Monroe and Meigs Counties have a three deer limit this year; Morgan, Noble and Athens counties have a four deer limit.
There's a two day youth gun season on November 23-24.  Deer gun season is December 2-8, and muzzleloader season is January 4-7.

The ODNR’s Rist says there have been recent rule changes in how you can check in a harvested deer…

"Most people have three options to check their deer.  You can still go to any license agent to check in your deer.  That includes places like Wal-Mart that sell licenses, but were not check stations previously.  You don't have to take the deer in for a physical inspection, just go to the sporting goods counter or wherever they have the license equipment and they will take you through the process to check in that deer.

"You also have an online option, which you can get to from our Wild Ohio website.  Then, you can do everything yourself on the computer if you have Internet access. 

"And, for anyone who's required to purchase a permit -- so this third option does exclude our landowners who use free permits -- but, anyone who has purchased a permit, and has that permit number to get into the system, can also call to check their deer over the phone."

That phone number is 1-877-TAG-IT-OH (1-877-824-4864).  The web site is ohiogamecheck.com
The ODNR reminds Ohio h unters that they may harvest only one buck per season, regardless of how it’s taken.  Find the regulations and much more at OhioDNR.com 
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