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Saturday's The Day to Get Rid of Old Tires
Posted on: 09/24/2013
By  Mike Cullums
Old used tires can be hard to get rid of, but thereís an opportunity to do so this weekend.
Itís dubbed Washington County Tire Collection Day, and it happens this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 12 p.m. at the former county highway garage at 1405 Colegate Drive, Marietta.
Itís not free. Disposal of passenger car and light truck tires - defined as 17 inches or less in diameter - cost $1.25 apiece to get rid of, or $2 if theyíre still on rims. Tires over 17 inches cost $5 each, or $10 on rims. Tractor, grader, logging and construction size tires can cost anywhere from $12.50 to $200 dollars to dispose of. Tires filled with mud or other debris will not be accepted.
For more information, contact the Southeastern Ohio Solid Waste Management District office in Caldwell at 800-860-8103 or visit their website:
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