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Riverside Artists Studio Tours Set for Sept. 22 in Marietta and Parkersburg
Posted on: 09/09/2013
By  Andy Rex
Riverside Artists Gallery will host its second annual Artist Studio Tours on the Sunday after next. WMOA News spoke with Betsy Cook, whose studio is one of the stops on the tour…
“The artists from the gallery are opening up their art studios on Sunday, September 22 from 12 to 5 p.m.  It’s a self-guided tour, kind of like the garden tour that one of the churches has during the year.  When you buy a ticket, you get maps to go to the four studios that are open, and to get to the gallery also.”
Cook outlines what you’ll see when visiting her studio…
“I am a metal artist.  So, you’ll come out to my studio and see me forging on the coal-fired forge, creating leaves and trees, spirals and trellises – all kinds of things like that.  We’ll also have here at my studio our glass bead artist, who will be making glass beads that you can watch.”
She says there are two tour stops across the river…
“A second studio is Virginia Killian’s studio over in Parkersburg.  She’ll be painting and doing some clay work.  Also at that studio will be Karol Goldstein, who will be doing water color paint.  Then, we have another studio in Parkersburg -- Lynda Rhodes, who will be doing water color painting.  She has some gorgeous gardens that you can visit while you’re there.”
And, there are more stops in Marietta…
“We’ll have Riverside Artists Gallery, where we’ll have three of our artists -- a jewelry artist, and George Longfellow, who does drawings in pen and ink; then, Akemi Matsumoto, who does very unique paintings.  Finally, Resolve Studios over on the west side, wwill have a wood sculpture and a mixed media artist.”
Cook says tickets Artist Studios Tour are on sale…       
“They’re going to be on sale starting Thursday at Riverside Artists Gallery and at the Parkersburg Art Center, on Market Street in Parkersburg.  You can go on our web site, RiversideArtistsGallery.com and you can see the maps.  And, it tells more about the studios that you’ll be visiting.  (Tickets) are eight dollars in advance and ten dollars at any of the five locations on the day – September 22.”
Call the Riverside Artists Gallery at (740) 376-0797 for more information.  
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