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Food Pantry Application Stopped by Apparent IRS Classification Error
Posted on: 09/04/2013
By  Jamey Styer
As previously reported, the Gospel Mission Food Pantry in the Harmar Community Center earlier this year submitted an application for 501(c)3 status, which - among other things - would allow it to apply for grants to support and expand its operations.
Food pantry director Candy Waite explains...
“We’ve been collecting the data that they require us to collect. We’ve been waiting for it to be approved, so we can go apply for grants.”
But there’s been a hitch.
Waite says the pantry learned last week that an apparent error within the federal bureaucracy stopped the process in its tracks...
“I received a letter from Senator Rob Portman’s office on Thursday stating that the IRS told them that our forms had been marked as a hospital. I contacted our accountant…he brought the forms down, and they are clearly not marked ‘hospital’ – they are marked in the appropriate way.”  

Candy Waite says Sen. Portman's office is working to help correct the error and move the application forward.
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