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Sheriff Says Watch for More Flash Floods
Posted on: 08/26/2013
By  Mike Cullums

As WMOA previously reported, National Weather Service Doppler radar in Charleston estimated that up to 3 inches of rain fell in a 4-hour period early Friday morning in a portion of rugged, northeastern Washington County.
The resulting flash flood affected Independence and Grandview townships, especially the Archers Fork and Leith Run watersheds. A new mobile home, awaiting installation, was swept against a county bridge. Several township roads were damaged. A motorist became stranded on Leith Run Road.
More rounds of showers and thunderstorms are forecast for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night. Sheriff Larry Mincks is uging the driving public to use extra caution during and after heavy rainfall.
Mincks says, I would encourage people during this time of year when we have these microbursts and flash floods that if you see water standing on the roadway please do not drive into it. The water can come up very rapidly, and you dont know how deep it is. So be careful when you see water or whenever its raining hard. You never know, you might be in the area of a possible flash flood.
Andy Rex conducted the interview.
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