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Washington County Gets Electronic Poll Books for November General Election
Posted on: 08/26/2013
By  Andy Rex
When voters head to the polls this fall, they’ll see something new that should improve the experience. The Washington County Board of Elections recently purchased electronic poll books for voters to use as they sign in.
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, says electronic poll books will provide benefits to both election officials and voters. Washington County elections director Tara Hupp, a Democrat, agrees…
“It should really cut down the time a voter (needs) to check in to get their ballot.  When they walk into the precinct, they’ll state their name and address.  Provided they have an Ohio drivers’ license or State ID, we have a magnetic card reader.  We’ll slide it through and it will bring up that voter’s information right away.  As long as they confirm the address, they’ll sign that, be presented their ballot, and can go off and vote.”
Hupp says that, as multiple precincts are consolidated into larger locations, voters sometimes show up at the wrong location.  She says this technology will help voters get to the right place…
“If a voter votes in the wrong precinct, their vote does not count.  You don’t want that to happen.  Being able to bring up the information that we have here at our own office for the poll workers, we’ll be able to identify immediately if that voter is in the correct precinct.  If they are not (poll workers) can print off directions and information to make sure they get to the correct precinct and vote the proper ballot.”
Husted says Montgomery County (Dayton) deployed electronic poll books for the 2012 general election, and the average check-in time was cut from 2-3 minutes to 30 seconds.
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