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Artsbridge Fund Drive Supports Varied Programs in Parkersburg and Marietta
Posted on: 08/23/2013
By  Andy Rex
Artsbridge recently completed its 2013 fund drive to support arts in schools and the community. WMOA News spoke with executive director Mark Lanyon, who says that while they fell short of the stated goal, it was a successful drive…
“The committee last year put our goal at $145,000, which is probably more than I think has ever been made. We did not make that goal.  We made about $125,000, and that’s an extraordinarily good year.”
In 2012, Artsbridge raised a new record of $139,000.  Lanyon credits the 2012 fundraising committee for that…
“They did a large push to get a lot of competition. We had a really strong chairperson and a really strong director in fundraising. This was my first year here. And, the fact we did our second best year in seven years, I feel very proud of that.”
He says the money raised goes into several educational programs…
“We do Arts in Education, where we go into schools and provide artists and performers.  People who work within the classroom and have a particular skill or type of talent that matches in with the curriculum the teacher has already thought up.  We foot most of that bill.  We do get a small stipend from the schools.”
Lanyon explains that Artsbridge provides financial support to other arts groups in Wood and Washington counties…
“We also spend $23,000 giving back to other arts organizations, such as the Parkersburg Arts Center, the River Cities Symphony Orchestra, the Mid-Ohio Valley Players in Marietta, the Parkersburg Actors Guild.  We try to spread the money on both sides of the river so we can support all the different organizations.”
You can learn more about Parkersburg-Marietta’s arts support organization at www.artsbridgeonline.org  
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