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Gallia County Hosting a Weekend Celebration of Emancipation Proclamation
Posted on: 08/22/2013
By  Mike Cullums
A quick quiz for history buffs: 
Q: Where does the longest continuous annual celebration of Emancipation Day take place? 
A: Gallipolis, Ohio
About 65 miles downriver from Marietta, Gallia County has had a significant black and mixed race population since the early 1800's. The community welcomed escaped slaves once they made it across the river. Hundreds of former slaves bought land and became farmers.
Gallia County residents celebrated the original Emancipation Day, so this weekend the community is celebrating its sesquecentennial anniversary.  

Oraganizers have pulled out the stops this year.  All day Saturday and Sunday, various activities will take place at Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande.
One of many highlights: Fritz Klein, said to be the best Abraham Lincoln re-enactor in the country, will perform a dramatic reading of the Proclamation. There will be music from the period, civil war re-enactments, marches, food and family activities all weekend.
For more information, go to
The theme of Gallia County’s 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation is "Looking Back to Move Ahead." 
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