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Humane Society Raises Funds, Seeks Volunteers For Its Four-Legged Clients
Posted on: 08/21/2013
By  Jamey Styer, Mike Cullums
Steve Herron, director of the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, which serves Washington County, says the group has some important fundraisers coming up, starting on the morning of Saturday, August 31, with a photo shoot at Marietta’s Muskingum Park gazebo…
“It’s with a professional photographer here in town, Lori Hansen. She’s offering different packages – you and your dog, your dog and cat, or however you’d like to do it.”  
One might not associate a humane society with “big time rasslin'” but that’s their next fundraiser, and it's a popular one…  
“At the beginning of October we’ll have the 'Throwdown for the Pound' which is one of our big events. This year the British Bulldog’s Son (!) is coming to wrestle, and we’ll have of our regular matches – between Chance and some of the other guys.”

WMOA News asked Herron: What is the shelter’s biggest need right now?  
“By far right now, our biggest need is adoptive homes and foster homes. During these summer months is when we get pounded the hardest, and we’re definitely feeling it right now, like we do every August.
“Our numbers always go down some in fall, and that’s a nice relief because right now, having a completely full shelter, it’s a lot of pressure on the staff. It’s stressful. Once we’re full there are certain things we have to do that we don’t want to do. We’re keeping ourselves away from that point right now, but we are definitely looking for foster homes and adoptive homes for these pets.”
In addition, they need donations of virtually anything people give – money, pet food, litter, blankets, bleach, newspapers, cans for recycling and, of course, volunteer time.   

Herron says they’d love to have more volunteers to help walk dogs and pet kitties.
For more information visit www.hsov.net
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