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Computer, TV Collection Today, Tomorrow
Posted on: 08/13/2013
By  Andy Rex
The Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste District’s annual Washington County computer and television collection event continues today and Wednesday.
WMOA News spoke with district coordinator, Rob Reiter.
“We work with a company in Cleveland and a company in Mesquite, Texas, to take in unwanted computers and TV’s – that kind of thing.  (We take) all types of electronics – stereos, printers, copiers – you name it.”
The drop off location is at the former Washington County garage, 1405 Colegate Drive. Items can be dropped off between 9 AM and 3PM today and tomorrow.
Reiter explains, “We take material from households, businesses, industry – we don’t care who the generator is. We do have limits on TV’s. It’s two televisions per vehicle, per household. We cannot take anything from outside the solid waste district, which is Guernsey, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble and Washington Counties.”
Reiter says there are items that won’t be accepted by the district.
“We do not take appliances. We do not take air conditioning units. We do not take dehumidifiers. We do not take microwaves, so, please don’t bring them. That is its own beast, and we do that in April and May of each year.”
If you have questions, call Reiter's office in Caldwell at 800-860-8103, or visit  
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