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Career Center's Adult Technical Training, DuPont partner up
Posted on: 08/12/2013
By  Andy Rex
The Washington County Career Center – Adult Technical Training and DuPont Washington Works have entered into a unique partnership.  
“We’re going to start doing internships – paid internships in our electrical instrumentation and mechanical maintenance programs," according to Industrial Training Coordinator Jim Siegfried.  "The individuals will receive 10 weeks of paid employment through a 1.1 million dollar grant the Career Center got strictly to work with the chemical industry.”
He says these internships are not job shadowing.  The students will get actual hands-on experience.
“During the internships, the individuals will work as maintenance mechanics and instrument techs," Siegfried explains.  "They will actually perform the duties.  So, they’ll be getting real world experience that’s a tremendous add-on to the skills they learn while they’re in class.”
Once the class and internship is completed, Siegfried says students will have the chance to work at a number of chemical plants in the area.
“They will be considered for full time positions.  We will work with the individuals after they complete the internship to develop employment in this area with any of the area chemical companies.”
He says with retirements at area chemical plants, the internship allow those companies to fill vacant positions after seeing how the students perform.
“Instrument and electrical techs and maintenance mechanics earn a great living.  This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to develop a lifelong career in a job with great benefits, insurance and pay.”
There’s a limit of 15 people who can complete the program.  For more information about it, call the Career Center’s Adult Technical Training at 373-6283 or email Jim Siegfried at jsiegfried@thecareercenter.net.
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