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Revolutionary War Comes to Marietta
Posted on: 08/09/2013
By  Andy Rex
Among various events around town this weekend is a Revolutionary War reenactment tomorrow and Sunday in East Muskingum Park. Members of the North-West Department of the Brigade of the American Revolution will set up camp.
WMOA News spoke with one of the event organizers, John Conklin.
“We portray various units that were involved in the conflict. There will be about 40 men at arms and 20 women, demonstrating what the military did and what the women did.  Most of the activities take place in the afternoon(s).”
Conklin says various aspects of a Revolutionary War camp will be on display.
“There’s a presentation about the difference between rifles and muskets; a presentation about artillery; a presentation about music; a presentation about the uniforms and clothing that the people wore. Then there will be a demonstration of linear warfare tactics.”
First thing Saturday morning, the group will hold a ceremony at Mound Cemetery, the final resting place for more Revolutionary War officers than any other cemetery in the nation. And Conklin says you can expect to see a lot of tents pitched at the park.
“Seventeen tents are coming that are enlisted men’s tents. Then there will be a couple of wall tents – which are a little bit bigger – that officers might use. There’s going to be a separate fly – a piece of canvas held up in the air to provide shade that the women sit under. Then there will be a separate place where the geometers will set up.”
Conklin says the group has been doing reenactments for about 40 years, and they look forward to a good weekend in a town founded by military leaders of the Revolution.
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