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Police Nab Alleged Quick-Change Artist
Posted on: 08/09/2013
By  Mike Cullums
Marietta Police yesterday caught an alleged quick-change artist from Kentucky who’s accused of preying on merchants in the Pike Street area.
Police Captain Jeff Waite says that starting about noon Thursday, the suspect was able to confuse clerks and steal $45 from Rite Aid and the Duke & Duchess Shop. That was after he had tried his ploy unsuccessfully at Go Mart and the Pike Street Marathon.
The suspect then went to Kmart, which had already been warned by police that a quick-change artist was in the area. Officers arrested the man as he walked out of Kmart.
Waite says the suspect immediately began offering to return the money in exchange for not being charged. He then gave officers the names, dates of birth and social security numbers of two other individuals before finally providing his true identity.
At that point, Harry Eugene Fahner, 34, of Ashland, Kentucky, was arrested on two counts of theft, obstructing official business, and warrants for falsification and failure to appear from Lawrence County Municipal Court in Ironton. Fahner was taken to jail and will have an initial court appearance today.
The Marietta Police Department is requesting that any other businesses who had dealings with Fahner contact them as soon as possible at (740) 376-2007.  
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