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Marietta CVB Developing Mobile App
Posted on: 08/06/2013
By  Mike Cullums
It’s well known that technology and social media are constantly evolving, with new uses and purposes developing daily. The Marietta-Washington County Convention & Visitors Bureau is developing a mobile application device to help users find events and attractions.
WMOA's Austin James spoke with CVB chief Jeri Knowlton.
“Marietta and the…bureau have come together to create a mobile application that will help locals and tourists to navigate around Marietta and Washington County. The purpose of the ‘app’ is to provide more flexibility and more information in terms of things that are going on, maybe sales in the downtown shopping district or elsewhere, places to eat and wonderful things to do.”
When will the new app be available? That's hard to say, this early in development.
“This is a big project, getting all the information into the app itself to make it really user-friendly – gathering all the pieces of the puzzle is going to take a little bit of time.”
Knowlton also says the app will be able to provide directions, even turn-by-turn navigation, to as many as 200 local businesses and attractions.  
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