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Attorney General Warns of Utility Scams
Posted on: 07/29/2013
By  Andy Rex
The state's attorney general is urging Ohioans to watch out for scams involving utilities after two people reported losing about $800 each after unsolicited phone calls.
Attorney General Mike DeWine says the caller claimed to represent a utility company and demanded payment. He says dozens of other consumers have said they've received unsolicited calls about lowering their energy rates.

DeWine says fluctuating temperatures and high bills can make it difficult for people to determine whether a call is legitimate. He says consumers can protect themselves by following these tips:
∑  Donít trust your caller ID Ė numbers can be disguised.
∑  Donít respond to robocalls.
∑  Ask callers to identify themselves and provide written information.
∑  Know your rights. Gas and electric companies generally must give you a 14-day notice prior to disconnection.
∑  When in doubt, just hang up the phone.
∑  Beware of requests for pre-paid money cards.
∑  Donít give personal information out over the phone.
The attorney general's office says it has received at least 80 complaints since July 1 from Ohioans who have heard from callers claiming they can lower their natural gas rates.
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