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Comment Period Closing for Proposed Muskingum River Hydroelectric Proposal
Posted on: 07/18/2013
By  Andy Rex

Hydroelectric power from the Muskingum River lock system - a proposal that’s been in the works for years. While it’s still far from a done deal, time is running out for the public to comment on the first planning phase.
Boston-based Free Flow Power is proposing a series of small hydroelectric generating facilities at several dams on the lower Muskingum…from Philo to Devola.
WMOA News spoke with Southeastern Ohio Port Authority Director Terry Tamburini, who’s tracking the proposal for the county.
"I t’s a private project, funded in part by federal tax credits. The state is involved. It’s on state property – much of it – although some private property is involved. Then you have the federal regulatory bodies.”
It’s a complex project, and Tamburini says that includes resolving the sometimes competing issues of economic development and historic preservation.
"W e have a new, green technology, But, we’ve been blessed with a historic river, which is a state park along its length. That’s kind of fascinating.  How do you accommodate the missions of the two?”
Members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) held public meetings on the proposal in Zanesville and McConnelsville, but only toured the sites in Washington County. Tamburini found that troubling. 

“The people of the county, especially those who utilize the facilities – who live along it and have property along it – they are not a casual observer in all this. Some of them have homes in the vicinity. Others have property that they might want to develop. And certainly there are citizens with just a real interest in their community.”
The deadline for the public to file comments with FERC on this initial phase is Tuesday, July 23. You can submit comments online.
Go to ferc.gov ...then highlight the “documents and filings” tab, then click on e-comment. 
You’ll have to fill out an authorization form, but registration with FERC is not required.
The docket number for the project is P-13404.
* The FERC web address is set up as a secure site; we were unable to provide a link.
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