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Theft from Food Pantry Being Investigated
Posted on: 06/27/2013
By  Andy Rex
Marietta Police and the Ohio BCI are investigating the theft of an organization that has helped many people since its inception in 2011.
Sometime between 7:00 last night and 9:00 this  morning, an unknown suspect or suspects stole many items from the Gospel Mission Food Pantry on Lancaster Street.
WMOA News spoke with co-founder Candy Waite, who describes what she saw upon arriving this morning.
“I went back to the refrigerator here in the drive-thru area to get me a bottle of water before I started sorting clothes for the day," Waite explains.  "I noticed that there wasn’t any water back there.  I didn’t think anything about it until I came into the food pantry to get another bottle of water out of the other refrigerator.  I noticed that there was a gray tote lid sitting on my table and I knew that shouldn’t have been.  I looked around on the floor and saw four garbage bags laying on the floor.  I saw the cabinet doors had been opened and stuff had been taken out.  I saw coffee stacked up and I knew then something was wrong.”
Waite says the pantry lost a lot of items in the burglary. 

“They took a freezer full of meat that we had," Waite says.  "They took probably twenty boxes of cereal.  They took packs of diapers.  Mac and cheese, they took a lot of things that we had ready for July’s five Wednesday food pantry days.  We lost a lot from this person or persons that stole from the food pantry.”
Waite says that because of the theft, they are in more need than ever for donations.  She says if you can help out by donating items you can drop them off between 4:30 and 8 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays; from 11 to 5 on Saturdays; or from 10 to 4 on Wednesdays. 
If you can’t make it at any of those times, you can call Candy Waite at (740) 350-4417.
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