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Renovated Murals, Depicting Founding of Northwest Terrirory, Return to Museum
Posted on: 05/15/2013
By  Mike Cullums
As part of the ongoing celebration of the founding of Marietta 225 years ago, Campus Martius Museum will open a new exhibit this Saturday, featuring newly renovated murals.
“There are twelve murals,” says the museum’s Glenna Hoff, “and they each detect a significant event in Marietta’s history, from the Moundbuilders up to the actual first (permanent) settlement, the establishment of Campus Martius and the first organized government in Ohio here.”
WMOA News asked Hoff about the renovation work.
“We had the murals sent to Columbus and they did a lot of work to clean up the dirt that built up over many years, and the lacquer and varnish,” she says, “and they did a great job because before that they were so dark that you couldn’t really see them. Now they’re bright. They look wonderful. We’re very pleased with the way they turned out.”
The exhibit opens this Saturday and will run through 2015 at Campus Martius Museum. If you’d like to arrange to bring a group, call 740-373-3750.
The murals were painted by William Mark Young. The museum thanks Peoples Bancorp, the City of Marietta and Dr. Andrew Weirman of Marietta College for their assistance in the renovation project.
Interview conducted by Austin James.
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