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Biking, Kayaking for Marietta's 225th Birthday, All to Support Community Center
Posted on: 05/10/2013
By  Mike Cullums
Late next week a group of local residents will embark on a trip that includes history, bicycling, kayaking and fundraising.
As part of the 225th celebration of Marietta痴 founding, a group of six local residents will re-trace the trip of General Rufus Putnam and his band of pioneers from Ipswich Massachusetts to the confluence of the Ohio and the Muskingum.
One of those taking part, Dan Jones, gives WMOA listeners details of the trip.
"We池e leaving on May 16 to drive out to the Boston area. Then we start our trip on May  18.  We値l spend a couple of weeks bicycling across that part of the country to a town called West Newton, Pennsylvania, which is on the Youghiogheny River. When we get to the Youghiogheny we値l probably hold up for a day or two and relax a little bit because we値l be tired.
"Then, we値l take our kayaks, which will be waiting for us, and we値l throw them into the Youghiogheny River. We値l paddle down the Youghiogheny and down the Monongahela to the Point in Pittsburgh, where we値l pick up the Ohio. Then, we値l paddle home to Marietta. That will probably take another seven days. This is about a three week trip.
They hope to arrive at the landing near the Westward Ho Monument in Muskingum Park on June 8.
Dan Jones tells us who痴 involved in this endeavor.
"Gary Murphy, Roger Murphy and myself are the ones that are going to do the pedaling and the paddling. We have three other members of our team. Bill and Sally Wesel are going to follow us in their RV so we have a place to sleep and eat at night.  Peter Prigge is going to be driving the chase car, keeping us on route every day. We池e really getting wound up and we池e just about ready to go.
The endeavor is called Westward Home 225, and it has a purpose beyond recreation and history.
In order for the Harmar Community Center to grow, it needs additional financial support from the community. So the organizers of Westward Home 225 are asking individuals, organizations and local businesses to come together by donating money for each mile that the Westward Home Team completes during the trip.
They致e designed a pledge form which allows donors to choose how much they will contribute per mile. For example, a donation of a dollar a mile means the donor will be giving $925 dollars to the Harmar Community Center and the Boys & Girls Club.
You can find pledge forms and much more about the trip, including a very cool map, at
And stay tuned to Local Radio AM 1490 throughout the trip for updates from the Home Team.
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