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Marietta Fire Department Receives Grant To Retrofit, Upgrade Engines
Posted on: 04/17/2013
By  Andy Rex

The Marietta Fire Department recently received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to retrofit four trucks with foam distribution systems.
The grant, for about $90,000, is from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. 
Fire Chief C. W. Durham says “that will allow us to use Class A foam in any structure fire that we have.  It will also allow us to use Class B foam on any liquid fire we have such as gasoline, diesel or oil spill.”
Chief Durham says there's differences between Class A and Class B foam, explaining that “Class A breaks down the surface tension of water to allow it to soak into combustible materials more quickly and readily.  Class B is basically a blanket of foam that suppresses flammable vapors, which is what’s going to burn off a gasoline spill.”
The grant is a matching grant, but the city only had to provide a 5 percent match, meaning the city only had to contribute just over $4,000 to the project. 
Chief Durham says this is a huge step forward for the department.

“It frees up manpower that we would normally have to use to do the labor-intensive process of using this with five gallon buckets," Durham says.  "Also, it’s a safety factor because it cuts down the time the firefighters are in a fire.  It uses less water, so you have less property damage and risk of structural collapse from the weight of the water.  It’s an all-around benefit to the entire community.”
Chief Durham says it will take about a week per truck to do the retrofit once the contract is awarded.  He says they hope to have the first truck ready to go out for the work later this spring.
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