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Washington County Commissioner's Race: Marshall v. Feathers
Posted on: 10/25/2012
By  Kylie Smith

In the upcoming election, one Washington County Commissioners race features incumbent democrat Cora Marshall of Lower Salem, against republican challenger Ron Feathers, a Devola resident and local businessman.

A successful realtor, Commissioner Cora Marshall tells WMOA News she wants to keep her seat to see ongoing projects to completion.

Marshall says her experience will also help in the expected tight budgets. “The process is governed by Ohio and there are so many state mandates that are not reimbursed to the county,” notes Marshall.

“Having the experience from my last four years, and the good team I’ve been working with, enables me to sort it all out -  it’s a process we need to take very seriously and since I’ve been in office we’ve been able to eliminate wasteful spending such as with contract services,” she says.

Marshall notes the creation of an Information Technology department during her tenure. “A challenge I see for county government is being able to keep up with the technology, along with the responsibilities a commissioner has for record retention and providing more efficient ways for employees to do their job.”

Republican challenger Ron Feathers tells WMOA News he wants the County Commissioner seat due to a tendency in government to become less open.

“I want to offer an administration of openness and transparency,” explains Feathers, “I want to encourage citizen participation in discussions so that they can take ownership of their local government and know their voice is being heard.”

Feathers says the permissive sales tax is one of the specific issues the commissioners will need to address. “That includes the infrastructure and sorting out the original tax resolution, in order to get the amount of money back to the townships, so they can adequately take care of their infrastructure.”

He adds the oil and gas industry is another issue that should take precedence, “I think it needs to be properly, logically, and reasonably managed.”

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