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Washington County Commissioner's Race: White v. Littler
Posted on: 10/24/2012
By  Kylie Smith

In less than two weeks, Republican David White will face off against Democrat Peg Littler for an open Washington County Commissioner seat.

WMOA News asked David White, a former Marietta City Council member, why he chose to run for commissioner. “I have 35 years of small business experience in Washington County and my four years of experience in the city government taught me a lot about how to manage other people’s money,” says White.

White says due to state and federal cutbacks, the County Commissioners face budgetary constraints and will need to learn to live within its means.

“A high priority for me, from day one, is going to be alleviating problems for the townships,” explains White. “They’ve been cut back so much on the amount of money they’re receiving and it puts them in a desperate situation – we need to begin shifting money back in their direction somehow.”

He adds that the Commissioners have an excellent opportunity to do that with new anticipated revenue from casino taxes.

David White is up against Democrat Peg Littler of Devola, a retired educator.

Littler tells WMOA News she brings experience and education to the table. “I was a member of the Marietta City Schools Board of Administration, and a grant administrator at Warren Local Schools, where I was responsible for a three quarter million dollar grant, giving me a good understanding of the grant and budget process,” notes Littler.

She was an teacher for thirty years and served ten years as an assistant director in the education system; Littler is currently vice-president with the Harmar Community Center.

“I have the time and energy to be a full-time commissioner and will promote fairness and honesty. Additionally, I will make my decisions based on the community’s needs, interests, and input,” says Littler.

Littler agrees that the Commissioners face a challenging budget, with unfunded state mandates. “Having worked in county school systems, I have a great understanding of how changeable a budget can be from year to year, especially with regard to unfunded mandates,” explains Littler. “As Commissioner I will hold myself accountable for a balanced budget, fair and equitable distribution of funds, and an effective and responsible budget projection for future years.”

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