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Wash. Co. Sheriff: Current & Future Plans
Posted on: 10/09/2012
By  Kylie Smith

With the recent news of candidate Chris Forshey dropping out of the Washington County Sheriff’s race in order to pursue a job offer, current Sheriff Larry Mincks is left running un-opposed for a third term.

WMOA News interviewed the Sheriff on his plans for the next four years. He says their office receives about 15,000 calls every year and his office is working to ensure enough officers are on duty to respond to calls.

“We’re in a peak right now where we’re hiring a large number of young people and I’d like to make sure they have adequate training and are able to progress in their career,” says Mincks.

He adds that many of those new hires are currently training with the Crime Scene Unit.

Sheriff Mincks says no future layoffs are foreseen; however they’re looking to increase efficiency. “Every month we have a Budget Meeting where we review our allocations and take one-twelfth of what we have, go through every line item, and find out where we are, as far as above or below what we should be spending,” explains Mincks.

The Budget Meeting information is posted online at www.washingtoncountysheriff.org.

He notes his ongoing concern with drugs in Washington County and says the Sheriff’s Office is looking into education involving the family.

“A program we want to initiate is the supplying of free drug testing kits to parents – we’re not tracking those and we wouldn’t find out who is taking what – but this is strictly up to the parents, who would perform the testing, send it out, and get the results back,” notes Mincks.

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