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Independent Sheriff Candidate Chris Forshey Withdraws From Race
Posted on: 10/02/2012
By  Mike Cullums
Incumbent Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks will presumably enter a third term unchallenged after his opponent, independent candidate Chris Forshey, unexpectedly withdrew from the race today.
Elections director Tara Hupp tells WMOA News that Forshey filed a withdrawal letter at 12:54 p.m., which read as follows:  “I, Chris E. Forshey, do hereby withdraw as a candidate for the Office of Sheriff, Washington County, Ohio, effective immediately.”  
By mid-afternoon, Forshey issued a press release:
“Life presents us with many challenges and opportunities. When I chose to run for the office of Sheriff, one of my goals was to expose to the voters irregularities within the Sheriff's Office and give them things to pause and reflect upon. We have been very successful in this endeavor. The taxpayers of this County must remember the Washington County Sheriff's Office belongs to them, not the elected official. They have the power to effect change and to be the watchdog over their elected officials.
“The most important factor for me to consider in this race is my family. What gives them the best piece of mind and a solid future. I have been very blessed with an overwhelming support from my family, friends and more importantly the community as I campaigned for the position of Sheriff. The tremendous support I have received from the community leaders and residents has been a very humbling experience and I am very thankful for this opportunity.
“Opportunity has knocked on my door with an offer that simply cannot be refused. This has been a very difficult decision but in the end it is my family's well-being and the law that dictates the result. Therefore, without further regard I am withdrawing my candidacy for Sheriff effective immediately. I pray for the safety of all law enforcement officers and ask they be given the guidance necessary to keep them safe, maintain their integrity, and be returned after each shift safely to their loved ones.
“To the voters of this community, I offer one last thought. Just because there is not a choice in the Sheriff race does not mean you must mark the box. If you are truly displeased with the service, leave it empty. Send a message.” - Chris Forshey
Since the general election ballots are printed (and in fact are in use by early voters, starting today) it is too late for Forshey's name to be removed but, according to elections director Hupp, votes for Forshey will not now be counted.
A former Pataskala police chief and former second-in-command under Sheriff Bob Schlicher, Forshey was campaigning against Mincks on management issues and investigative priorities.

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