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Etta Express Documentary Still A Go
Posted on: 09/25/2012
By  Kylie Smith

In August, WMOA News reported a documentary project centered on the legacy of Pioneers baseball, called Etta Express: the Best Kept Secret in Sports.

California author and Marietta College alumnus Gary Caruso and former Pioneers player Mike Eisenberg head up the project and last month did an online fundraiser through the website Kickstarter.com. Their goal was $150,000…they only raised $20,000.

Gary Caruso says they will continue to fundraise as they go along. “We can make this documentary for a pretty small amount of money,” explains Caruso. “But, to do it right and make it broadcast-quality for major outlets like HBO and ESPN, we want to make sure we do it top notch and first rate.”

Caruso says no matter how much money is raised, they are committed to see the project through.

They’ve started a website, www.ettaexpress.com, where they’re looking for public input. “I would love to hear from as many people as possible on their thoughts about the documentary. Ideas that they have might give us ideas on what to include – we’ve certainly got plenty of material; people out there might know certain things we don’t know. We encourage them to go the website where they can either blog their ideas or send us an e-mail,” says Caruso.

Meanwhile, he says they have a Marietta College senior intern who’s continuously shooting footage.

Gary Caruso says they plan on completing the documentary about a year from now and will hold special premiere events in Marietta.

For more information, or to donate towards the project, go to www.ettaexpress.com.

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